Includes Dental Launches: Search Engine for Dentists, Hygienists and Oral Health Industry


Includes Dental has recently launched their search engine for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and the Oral Health industry. Includes Dental allows those in the Dentistry industry to search for Dental-related information from thousands of hand-selected web sites.

dental search engine homepage

The Includes Dental dental search engine was built specifically for those in the dentistry industry. The site’s editors have hand-selected thousands of web sites to be included; the main requirement is that the site has products, services, or information for dental professionals or those in the oral health industry.

The site focuses entirely on oral health experts.

Includes Dental also features QuickProfiles on thousands of manufacturers, service providers and organizations. QuickProfiles highlights company information such as address, phone number, and website links. By using QuickProfiles, mobile users have the ability to find, email and call other dental companies simply and easily.


This dental search engine has a good list of Dental Schools and includes a profile of each Dental school. For example, I took a look at the University of Texas Health Science Center-San Antonio Dental School profile since I’m in Texas. There is some basic information about the school, but not anything that you cannot find elsewhere. I would probably add more information about each dental school on the profile, such as a place for a review of the program or a way for others who are familiar with the Dental school to add additional information.


I took a look at the image search option and searched for “molars”. I would expect that an image of molars might appear in the search results. A lot of molars. But, instead, I’m kind of surprised that the search results came up with an image of a building in the search results.


With the exception of the image search results returning images of buildings in the search results when I would expect photos of molars to appear for a “molars” search, it looks to me like this new Includes Dental dental search engine is just what the Oral Health and Dentistry industry needs: a specialized search engine specifically for the industry.

For more information about this new dental search engine, go to www. Includes Dental dot com or call them at (800) 794-8570.

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  1. Los Angeles Endodontics says

    Thank you for this information. As an Endodontist in Los Angeles, I can definitely use this search site.

  2. Terra Andersen says

    This reminds me a lot of what another company did for Plastic Surgery. (Plastic The business model they have built around building their network and search of paying plastic surgeons all over the USA has become quite profitable.

  3. D Tuckahoe says

    As a dentist, I find that this information is useful, and informative. Thank you for the post!