AuthorLinks Rebrands as AuthPost, Continues Selling Posts Based on Google Authorship, Klout Score

AuthorLinks, the first-ever marketplace to buy and sell Google Authorship, has rebranded as AuthPost. As you might recall, I wrote about AuthorLinks and how the site was the first to buy and sell Google Authorship.

buy and sell posts based on Google Authorship

Since then, there has been a lot of mixed emotions from the SEO community about buying and selling Google Authorship, along with the fact that AuthorLinks appeared to merely be selling links in posts whose authors had verified their Google Authorship. With this new branding, the site is focusing on posts first, and not links.

authpost home page

As you are most likely aware, the buying and selling links based on Google’s PageRank has long been a controversial topic, as well as a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google has not officially come out with a statement on whether or not buying or selling Google Authorship (or posts that are based on verified Google Authorship writers) is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

AuthPost states in the Terms of Use that “Authors and Buyers understand that the author and ultimately, the website owner, is responsible for being in compliance with any and all search engine guidelines and that the content includes any required FTC disclosures if the author’s website is based in the United States.”.

Currently, there are no other websites or places where someone can buy posts or articles based on the author’s Klout score or Google Authorship status., now, is the first, and only marketplace today that offers this service.

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