Monday Marketing Foo for July 23, 2007

Jeremy Liew, a venture capitalist with Lightspeed Partners, has a great post about usage numbers of social networks. Hat tip goes to Robert Scoble for mentioning it.

Matt Cutts recently spoke at WordCamp2007. If you’re interested, Stephanie Booth took notes. Matt Cutts talked about a few ideas for bloggers, including:

- make a PDF sign converter (what’s a PDF sign converter?)
- make a Lolcat builder
- make an iPhone app directory
- sell your moustache on eBay — linkbait! (yes, he actually mentioned our well-known friend, the black hatter!)
- make a free hugs campaign
- write some tutorials
- write some analysis
- hunt down all the wikipedia defaces
- do some liveblogging
- create controversy (like Dvorak!) — linkbait!
- mention Robert Scoble (did you see that I mentioned Robert Scoble here in this post? Wait–let me mention Robert Scoble again so maybe I’ll get some link love? LOL)
- make lists (13 reasons why something rulez or stinks)

In the WordCamp speech, Matt also mentions some additional tips, and mentions “SEO Title”, a WordPress plugin. Also, you might want to note that he mentions that Google doesn’t look at meta tags that much.

Jason Calacanis recently posted about Mahalo and the “Michael Vick Dog Fighting Video”. Who cares? I don’t.

Dave Naylor recently uncovered a Mahalo killer. I’ve checked it out, and yes, Aftervote could really be a Mahalo-killer.

Could someone PLEASE tell Greg that he needs to update his blog? It hasn’t been updated since Wednesday, April 4, 2007 @ 8:45 pm. And I thought Jensense hasn’t updated her blog in a while. Sheesh!

Mike Grehan just wrote in his Clickz column that he was in Los Angeles and noticed that the Google Universal Search results are different in the US than they are in the UK. What’s interesting is that he’s reportedly been seeing a commercial search result on the left side of the Google search results.

In related news, Kim Krause Berg is reporting that Clickz has relaunched.

Andy Beal is reporting that Google has invested in a high resolution camera company.

Tamar has a wishlist for Apple: give her an iPhone without the “phone” part. Tamar, couldn’t you just buy one off of ebay and not get it activated?

And, finally, Todd has found some great “Friday Finds”. Todd: what happened to the Friday finds last Friday?


  1. Tamar Weinberg says

    It’s here!

    But the size is a little small.

    Ah well, the pros outweigh the cons…. I just have to be a little more picky about the music I put on my iPod.