Search Engine Optimization Tip: Adding Content to your Web Site

This is only one seo tip out of many search engine optimization tips I have been providing over the years. All of my search engine optimization tips are meant to be specific, they should not take too much time to implement, and are meant to be directly to the point.

For this search engine optimization tip, let’s talk more about content and adding content to your web site. You would think that when planning a new web site or a totally new version of your web site that you can sit down, make a list of web pages, create the content, and forget about it. That is simply not the case. If you take a look at the current search results for most popular search phrases, you will see that the best web sites (the ones showing up at the top of the search results) not old, static web sites. They are, in fact, updated on a regular basis and contain a lot of good content on their subject. That brings me to the most important point here: you cannot expect to create a few web pages and expect that web site to rank well in the search engines (especially Google).

Web Sites that Rank Well Are Experts
When it comes to Google, they want to deliver the best user experience. When you go to Google, you expect to find what you are searching for: if you do not, then you will turn to another search engine. So, if you are looking for “red widgets” then you would expect to find a web site that has a lot of good information about “red widgets”. So, if you are a company that sells “red widgets”, how would you go about getting a top search engine ranking for “red widgets”? Creating more content on your web site about “red widgets” than any other web site on the internet about that subject will most likely bring you to the top of the search results. Show the search engines and your web site visitors that you are the expert on “red widgets” and you will be rewarded with good search results.

It doesn’t matter what your do you your web site. In fact, if you sell “red widgets”, then educating your potential customers about “red widgets” will make them a more informed consumer. Those potential customers will trust you: they will want to do business with you.

How Do You Create Content?
How do you create content? How do you create great content? How do you create content that people will want to link to without even asking? That probably could be a whole other blog post. But, there are a few options to consider: create the content yourself or hire someone to create it for you. It really depends on your industry that you are in, but generally speaking there’s going to be some way to add additional content to your site.

Doing it Yourself
One simple way of adding content to your site on a regular basis would be to add a blog to your web site. If you’re a corporation and you have a corporate web site then perhaps adding your press releases to your web site before you put them out on the newswires is an option. Or, if you are an online retailer then perhaps adding a blog to the site and picking one product per day to review would be enough. Other options, depending on your site, could include user generated content. Adding a message board, adding product reviews, aggregating the latest news from your industry might be an option.

Hiring a Writer
Depending on your industry, hiring an outside writer to create the content (write blog posts for you), industry-related articles, or even reviews of your products is an option. I have recently seen blog posts outsourced to writers (contractors) for as little as $5 per article/blog post. And I’ve seen them as high as $100-200 an article depending on the subject. There are places to hire writers, such as Craigs List or even

Adding Content Regularly
Whatever you do, whether or not you hire a writer or add the unique content to your web site yourself (not copied or duplicate content), it’s important to not add all the content all at once. For example, if you were to hire someone to write 100 on-topic articles or blog posts, you would want to add them on a regular basis to the site. Even if they’re delivered to you all at once you would want to perhaps post 10 of them at first; and then one or two per week or one or two per day. Take a look at how often your competitors (the web sites that are already ranking well in Google) are adding content to their web sites.

The bottom line
What’s the bottom line? If you have a one or two web page site then most likely you’re not going to rank well in the search engines. Look at your competition: how many web pages do they have on their web sites? Use the command to see how many pages your competitors have. To compete, you will need at least that much content on your site: or even more content. Having more content and adding more content to your web site on a regular basis will bring you better search engine rankings.

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  1. penny auctions says

    I couldn’t agree with you more, well said. Search Engine Optimization is the key to rank up in search engines and content is king.

  2. Joe says

    Dear sir,

    After i read this post, i was thinking if you know any SEO at all. But then i thought, why not go check his other SEO articles to make sure. Then i saw an article of yours about backlinks. Only then i forgave you :) lol

    See the reason why i doubted your expertise is this :

    “Creating more content on your web site about “red widgets” than any other web site on the internet about that subject will most likely bring you to the top of the search results.”

    and this :

    “see how many pages your competitors have. To compete, you will need at least that much content on your site: or even more content.”

    With all due respect, those two quoted phrases can’t be farther from the truth. Do you want me to show you loads of websites with thousands of pages that is not ranking for any of their main or long tail keywords?
    oh yeah and many of them are optimized for their targeted keywords. Or do you want me to show you a handful of sites with 30 or less pages that got stuck on front page on google for some highly competitive niches?

    I don’t mean to be flaming i just don’t want your unwary reader to go nuts creating as much legit posts as they can and end up no where because your expressions were kind of misleading. what’s SEO is all about? From a google bot perspective, “Quantity” of content isn’t the catch here. It’s quality content (meaning keyword targeted – not stuffed – content) and enough links supporting them is what matters to the google bot.


  3. London Real Estate says

    We beleive UNIQUE content is what makes a real estate site stand out from any other. The more content you have the better as long as it is unique

  4. jack says

    Nice topic and thanks to providing this information.And I think contain is the most important part of any blog and i think it should we unique always.