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5 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Google Analytics To Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics was introduced as a public beta in March 2013, and since then many have debated on whether to upgrade or not. This new tracking tool now uses a single, unique cookie to track visitors to websites, instead of the old tracking method used in previous generations of Google Analytics. If you find yourself a little unsure as to whether you’d like to upgrade or not, and need a little convincing, you may wish to speak to the experts at Search Factory. But, before you do, read on. Here are 5 benefits of taking the plunge and upgrading to Universal Analytics.

1. Greater tracking.

The new Universal Analytics offers users far greater depth in tracking the movement of traffic to their website(s). For example, it’s now possible to track through multiple platforms (including mobile apps), as well as the amount of social engagement throughout your social media network. All in all, the more information you have about the movements of your traffic, the greater position you’ll be in to maximise your conversions and build your online audience.

2. Customised metrics and dimensions.

Universal Analytics gives users the flexibility (and power) to create their own customised metrics and dimensions to generate informative and useful reports. With these powerful tools it’s now possible to collect and segment data that Google doesn’t automatically track. This will further help you in tweaking your online strategy.

3. More configuration options.

You now can have more configuration options in your Analytics account, ensuring that you no longer have to adjust your tracking code when making modifications. It’s now possible to control Organic Search Sources, Referral Exclusions, and Search Term Exclusions (amongst others) from your Admin page. This in itself will save you lots of time and give you more control.

4. Adjust list of recognised search engines.

With Universal Analytics, you can now add, delete or reorder the default list of search engines to more accurately collect traffic data. In the past, traffic coming from non-standard search engines could skew your traffic data. However, it’s now possible to add more search engines into your settings, giving you a more accurate reading.

5. Flexible session and timeout settings.

Finally, with the latest Universal Analytics, it’s now possible to customise the timeout settings to better suit your needs. Although, in the past, changing the timeout period involved adding special codes to your website, it’s now possible to do all this from the comfort of the Admin page.

Times have changed in the world of analytics in the past year, and you may still be a little unsure of all the new developments. Universal Analytics offers a number of significant advantages over Google Analytics, and you’d be wise to make the upgrade as soon as possible. Not only does Universal offer better tracking capabilities and more configuration options, but it also allows you to customise your metrics and dimensions, and adjust the amount of recognised search engines in your account. Finally, you can also adjust timeout sessions with ease with Universal, giving you even greater control than ever before.

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