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Epik has launched, a video conference type of platform that is free. The goal of is to offer a free video conferencing platform for for Worship Teams and Prayer Leaders. The service offers instant access, no downloads, no software, no logins, and secure room creation. works with any laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. The user visits the home page of, types in a room name of their choice, and it instantly creates a new video room. They can just share the web address with anyone who they want to invite. Those who are invited can join the room with no software, tracking, or download required.

According to Epik, is intended for “any church, congregation, worship leader, prayer warrior, or good Samaritan wanting to be actively involved with helping others that may have been negatively impacted by COVID?19.” The internet registrar and website hosting company decided to offer the platform free of charge, after seeing the positive impact the system was making within local communities of staff members, as they test trialed it in preparation of bringing it to market.

I went ahead and trialed the platform, setting up a meeting from the home page. It’s fairly simple to create a video session–all you have to do is enter a room name, and that name will be reserved for you in the future. Then, the web browser asks you to allow it access to your webcam and microphone. Once you allow access, you’re in the room. That’s it–once the room is set up, anyone can join if they know the name of the room and the same room can be used in the future. For example, if you had a Prayer Meeting once a week at a certain time, then everyone can join the room using that same web address.

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