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Zoodango Launches Program for Businesses to Create Social Networking Sites, a social networking site, has launched a program that allows businesses and non-profits to create a social networking site.

Businesses and non-profit organizations can create a profile on Zoodango and use it as a foundation for networking directly with members, customers, and potential customers. This enables businesses to interact directly with the social networking user audience, and extends their brand through word of mouth.

The Zoodango platform allows users to find particular businesses by industry or location; and profiled companies can generate leads, as well as receive user feedback. Businesses can also use the Zoodango platform to create sub-groups of employees, members, or customers through the Zoodango linking feature.

Here’s more from their press release today:

“This Zoodango business-feature represents an innovation in the way businesses can reach and interact with members of social networking sites. Businesses can communicate relevant information in an interactive format — instead of simply reaching them with an online ad,” said James Sun, CEO of Zoodango. “These organizations now can quickly supplement the value of the traditional banner ad previously available on other social networking sites.”

The Zoodango user base is made up of professionals around the globe seeking networking opportunities and exchanging ideas. “The concept of mixing online business marketing with social networking sites in an interactive way is still a fairly new one, and we are very excited to use this tool to expand our business. Considering the Zoodango user audience, I expect our business profile on Zoodango to bring a viral marketing element to help increase awareness of our company and produce real leads through seminars and events, more-so than what would come from a traditional online advertising vehicle,” said Joseph Jang, Liberty Financial Group’s Director of Marketing.

Zoodango users can create individual profiles for free. Business profiles range according to business size, starting at $50 per month. Non-profit organizations may create profiles and use the networking features of Zoodango at no cost through a partnership program. “This gives businesses the potential to be in front of 30,000 to 40,000 views a day,” said Sun. “And this number is increasing rapidly every day as more and more people are signing onto Zoodango.”

About Zoodango
Zoodango is the first networking site to drive face-to-face meetings and create online connections only after real world relationships are established, which results in a higher quality group of networked professionals unmatched by any other networking site. Other social networking sites use a very limited approach of linking you to a friend, their friends, their friend’s friends, and etc.

Trust is compromised because your network can soon become irrelevant with too many online profiles just trying to link to you. In the internet world, people don’t have the ability to “feel out” someone because they are just a profile behind a computer. Nothing can replace face-to-face interactions in a professional environment.

At Zoodango: introductions are found online, relationships are built face-to-face, and then networks are created. This provides a much stronger method of creating relevant and trusted networks. A perfect example of this occurs in current interviewing formats. Companies receive and filter resumes online, but they eventually want a face-to-face meeting with candidates they are serious about. The internet is a great platform for initiating a meeting, but true connections are stronger and more valuable with a face-to-face contact.

Zoodango believes in taking the best of the online and offline world.

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