Bill Hartzer

World’s Largest Facebook Like Button

Have you ever wondered about why or how the Facebook Like button appears on a website or web page? Well, typically the website’s owner or web designer places that Facebook Like button on the page, using code that Facebook provides them. Essentially, if you have a website, all you need is the code from Facebook (you get it here) and all you have to do is copy/paste that code. And, well, it appears like this:

Well, that button is the large version of the Facebook Like button. But, personally, I like to go huge with my buttons and make sure that people see them so they click them. Here’s what I believe is the world’s largest Facebook Like button ever to appear on a website. You’ll need to click the image to see the larger version of it. (Keep in mind that you have to have a really REALLY HUGE monitor in order to see the whole button).

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