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Searchles Introduces Searchles Live

Searchles, an intelligent social search platform that gets smarter every time you use it, has introduced Searchles Live!. Tis new feature allows users to track relevant content from within their “Circle of Friends” and from within groups.

Searchles Live! entails a multi-panel display that offers a comprehensive look at all the activity occurring within a user’s circle of friends and groups–while also offering a more in-depth glimpse at users’ activity-based social profiles. Easily accessed from the top of the homepage, Searchles Live is an automatically-updating page that is constantly filling in the most recent content and interactions on Searchles — no need to refresh!

Like many other search features on Searchles, Searchles Live is easily adapted to a specific user’s preferences. By clicking on settings, users can choose which set of activity they would like to see highlighted on their own Searchles Live page – ‘me’, ‘friends’, ‘groups’, ‘fans’, ‘friends of friends’, and/or ‘people in my groups’. Users also control the timeframe for the activity displayed – ranging from 3 to 24 hours prior. By applying these search filters, Searchles Live displays a personalized list of posts, comments, or ratings generated by a users’ circle of friends and associated groups.

Searchles Live offers users a more enhanced social profile as better insight is given into how users are actively rating and commenting on relevant content. Because of the live feed, Searchles Live also has the potential to facilitate discussion among users as one is notified immediately when new comments are posted. While the Searchles homepage remains a useful page for a view of the broader spectrum of what’s currently happening and is popular on Searchles, Searchles Live cuts to the chase and is tailored directly to your interests and preferences.

Searchles is a highly scaleable “social search” platform that showcases expertise, enables collaboration with peers and instantly captures it in searchable knowledge indexes. The platform is a hybrid, combining aspects of “social bookmarking” and “social networking” technology with analytical “social search” capability to allow for network search.

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