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Posting on Social Media Won’t Get You More Fans

getting more social media fans

In an interesting, eye-opening study that Clickable recently did, they found that if you post more often on social media you won’t necessarily get more fans on social media. Clickable studied the social media accounts of major consumer brands and found that those brands who posted more often never had more social media fans in their industry category.

In one industry, for example, the consumer bank industry in the USA, Clickable found this:

While Bank of America truly had a lot more social media posts and a lot more posts more often, that did not equal to more social media fans. In fact, more posts on social media got Bank of America the number 3 spot when it comes to the number of fans. Capital One had more engagement and didn’t post as often as Bank of America did. And Capital One got more social media fans.

When it comes to the number of posts for Chase, they didn’t even show up in the top 5 banks when it comes to looking at the number of posts that they have. But when it comes to social media fans, Chase is number two when it comes to winning the social media fan war amongst the US banks.

Clickable also studied major consumer brands’ posts and fan engagement, such as looking at Colgate and Unilever. According to Clickable, “A great picture that creatively ties in with the brand and a memorable hashtag are key to posts generating a lot of comments and engagement.”

So, it’s not just about posting often: it’s about making every post count, and especially having quality posts that your users engage with and share–that will get you more fans.

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