Bill Hartzer

Facebook Suggestions Fail

Well, I am pretty used to it by now. Whenever you are on Facebook and you have “liked” a page, Facebook makes an attempt to show you pages that are “similar to” other pages, in an effort to get you to “like” those pages, as well.

I have to say, Facebook seriously got it wrong this time. I don’t know what they are using to determine why one Facebook page is similar to another page, but in this case it’s just WRONG, wrong, WRONG! A bit #fail for Facebook. Why can’t they get these things right? Here’s what Facebook recommended:

How on earth is the Mabank Police Department (the small-town police department in my hometown) similar to Extreme Mom, Lauren Przybyl (a local Dallas morning tv show personality) and the ULM Warhawks? I don’t even know who the ULM WarHawks are. In fact, they’re actually the University of Lousiana Monroe Warhawks, 3 hours and 38 minutes away from Mabank!


Okay, I get the fact that Lauren might be relevant here, as she’s from our local Dallas area Fox tv station. But let’s take the example of Extreme Mom? Uh, no. Extreme Mom is NOT the police department, and not related whatsoever. Unless, of course, our officers from the Mabank Police Department enjoy spending their time at the station watching Extreme Mom. I hope not.

Except, wait. Maybe because Extreme Mom loves to party (her logo has a martini glass in it) and the Mabank Police Department loves to bust those who have partied too much? Maybe that’s it? If that’s the case, then Facebook, you’re brilliant! 😉

What would be relevant? Perhaps other POLICE DEPARTMENTS in my local area, such as the Canton Police Department, the Gun Barrel City Police Department, or maybe even any other Facebook page that’s in my town, Mabank, Texas.

Facebook targeting? You get one big, lousy #FAIL from me today.

Have you seen even a better #fail of Facebook targeting? Let me know and don’t forget to send me a screen capture of it.

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