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Facebook Pauses Addition of New Facebook Messenger Bots

manychat facebook messenger bots
ManyChat is a popular service that allows you to create Facebook Messenger bots.

In light of the data security issues that Facebook has had lately, Facebook is pausing the addition of all new Facebook Messenger bots. If you currently are running a Facebook Messenger bot, then you most likely won’t have any interruption of service, and your bot will continue to work as usual.

However, if you plan on creating or are in the process of creating a new Facebook Messenger bot, then your application will not be processed by Facebook, at least for now. Some use Manychat to power their Facebook Messenger bots, and here’s what ManyChat said recently in a blog post:

If you want to connect a new Facebook page to ManyChat, you’ll have to wait until Facebook updates their policies.

Facebook has not released a date on when you’ll again be able to submit new Facebook Messenger bots for approval. You can learn more about Facebook’s bot review process here.

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