Bill Hartzer

Facebook Helping Businesses Create Videos

Facebook is helping its advertisers create videos about their businesses. The videos are fairly short, typically about under 30 seconds, and are the business owner (or page owner) can customize it to their liking. From what I can tell, it’s limited to current Facebook Advertisers who have business pages on Facebook.

If you log into your Facebook business page, you may get the notice from Facebook to create your business video. Or, you should go here to see if you can create it: From what I can tell, the English version is defaulting to the “Great Britain” version, but nonetheless I was able to create my video fairly quickly. I went ahead and created another video, along with some screen shots (see below) to show the process.

Click on “Create Your video” to begin.

Select the page you want to create the video for (I selected my own page), then continue.

Select the photos you want to use in the video. Each will be shown, along with background music, in your video.

Enter some details about what “you’re in the business of…”

Confirm Your Story by clicking the link…

Confirm your music. There are four tracks to choose from.

Wait until it’s uploaded to your Facebook page.

Agree to some terms, then…

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