Bill Hartzer

Facebook Disapproves Boosted Post About Facebook Prohibiting Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency, ICO, and Binary Option Ads

Facebook’s automated systems disapproved a boosted news post about Facebook prohibiting ads that contain cryptocurrency, ICOs, and Binary Options on their ad platforms. As you might recall, yesterday I wrote a news post about how Facebook is prohibiting ads that contain information about cryptocurrency, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and Binary Options.

Facebook wrote a blog post announcing the new advertising policy. And, it really does affect a lot of people: so it’s newsworthy. In no way does a news article about prohibiting Cryptocurrency ads on their network promote cryptocurrency, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), or Binary Options. Yet Facebook is shutting down and not allowing any ads on their network that contain the words cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ICO, or binary options.

Here’s another view of the boosted post that I wrote yesterday, which was disapproved by Facebook:

I find it quite ironic that Facebook is disapproving ads that clearly boosted posts about them prohibiting ads.

But wait–a Facebook friend of mine was reading my post about how they disapproved my boosted post, and saw this:

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