Bill Hartzer

Does Your Site Content and Social Content Accurately Reflect Your Business?

Many companies and brands (I guess I could call myself a brand) have websites that contain a blog, and just as important, a social media presence. But have you ever thought of the content that you’re actually producing, writing, and posting on your social media profiles and pages?

Does the content that you’re writing about on your blog accurately reflect what you do for your customers? Does it accurately reflect the actual products or services that you provide? It is even on the same topic?

There are so many companies and brands out there that fail to realize that what they’re posting on their blog and on their social media pages and profiles (such as their Facebook Page), doesn’t go along with their business. In fact, they don’t actually post stuff about their industry, their customers, and their services. That’s when businesses need to start thinking about what they’re posting.

What you post on your blog and what you post on your social media profiles, your social media pages, says a lot about you. If you’re just posting funny photos that people will share with others, then sure that may get a lot of Facebook Likes. But is it the real you?

I took a recent look at the “similar to” option that shows up for my Facebook Page: and I have to say that I was pretty happy with it.

In this case, if you look at what I post on my blog and what I post on my Facebook page, you’ll notice that it’s really is a lot like you’ll find on Website Magazine, Search Engine Journal, and Search Marketing Expo. That is exactly what I want. And I’m happy to see that Facebook finally got it right.

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