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Digg Down Today and Other Social Media Revelations

For many years now, I have always been a fan of creating custom, unique 404 error pages. I have also, at the same time, been rather annoyed that a site as large as Digg can consistently serve up an error page like the one below.

Not only have I been rather annoyed from time to time to get that error page, apparently many others have been seeing it today. It might have to do with some sort of upgrade they are doing, but that is only speculation on my part. In fact, I would only hope that Digg is doing some sort of upgrade because their rather slow page load times have been going on for a long time now. And it’s those slow page load times that have caused me to go on over to sites like and a few other social networks.

Anyhow, enough about Digg. I thought that I would post today about something that has helped me be rather successful in the social media space; paying attention to your social media profiles.

My Social Media Tip for Today
If there is one thing that I love is social media and the way I can share my favorite resources, stories, news, URLs, and other things that have found online. If you are into the same sort of stuff that I am into, then it would pay to follow my RSS feed or, better yet, follow my social media RSS feeds. I recently posted on our company blog about why it makes perfect sense to pay attention to your social media feeds.

One thing that I didn’t really go into a lot on that blog post is the fact that you can aggregate several social media RSS feeds and combine them appropriately and create additional content. If you have a blog or a personal website you might consider including some of your own social media RSS feeds as a part of the content in your own site.

There are also other sites like FriendFeed (mentioned in my blog post) that will allow you to bring RSS feeds into them and create new content. I would certainly take advantage of this whenever you can, as the whole point of social bookmarking is to get additional traffic, visitors, and links to the URLs that you are sharing, right?

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