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Cranberry Launches Search Engine Optimization for People Service

Cranberry, a company led by led by Internet visionary David McInnis (formerly of PRWeb), has launched PeoplePond, an Internet service that provides search engine optimized (SEO) profiles and online identity verification services for individuals. It was officially launched to the general public during the annual South by Southwest conference and festival in Austin, Texas.

PeoplePond allows you to create an online profile complete with an “About Me” biography–it will then link to your social media content. Using your PeoplePond profile, you can then promote your verified identity and authenticated ownership of your social media content. PeoplePond claims that this will thwart attempts to hijack your online identity.

PeoplePond also recently created and released a PeoplePond WordPress plugin. A Drupal plugin is expected soon. Using the Drupal plugin, you can display your complete PeoplePond profile on websites that you own.

Here are a few sample profiles from PeoplePond:
Tony Wright
Tasha Bourgeois
Peter Joles
Carlos Urreta
Eric Dorsett
Stephan Uebelhör
shoyi Cheng
Larry Pelty

Check out PeoplePond and reserve your name before someone else takes it and hijacks your online identity…or signs up with PeoplePond in your name before you do.

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