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CheapTweet Upgrades Its Social Deals Search Engine, a major Twitter-based social deals search engine site, has launched CheapTweet Version 2, in celebration of indexing over 5 million deals online to offer users an better social shopping experience. CheapTweet’s 2.0 rollout adds upgrades to its core search engine, voting mechanism, and a new look and feature called the DealStream that helps visitors find the right deal at exactly the right time.

CheapTweet has addressed a great need by harnessing the power of Twitter to help make consumer dollars stretch further. All day, CheapTweet indexes about 30,000 tweets about deals, filters out spam and duplicate content, and adds more than 10,000 new deals to the web site – many of which are different one-of-a-kind deals from boutique sellers. Deals are then ranked by how much they are talked about on Twitter and CheapTweet user votes. With so many diverse deals pouring into the system in real-time, CheapTweet has developed the DealStream to help visitors find the ones that are right for them.

CheapTweet’s DealStream is a real-time, personalized deals system where you can set up your own stream to track categories of deals, brands, merchants or keywords which are filtered and organized based on a relevance algorithm that takes into account your preferences and deal quality. Visitors can get these results on or via a convenient RSS feed.

As well as the DealStream, CheapTweet has recently made upgrades to its search engine, that uses particularized algorithms to combine tweets about the same deals, helping you speedily see what deals are hot, as well as sort through spam. There are also changes to the CheapTweet voting mechanism, allowing you to give deals a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Finally, CheapTweet clearly labels official accounts so shoppers know when they are looking at legitimate deals from a real merchant. Together these changes allow a clean but intelligent means to save money.

CheapTweet ( is a social deals search engine that scours Twitter to find any and all money-saving opportunities available to consumers. To date, CheapTweet has indexed more than 5 million deals from tens of thousands of sellers. CheapTweet is operated by Appozite (, an Austin, Texas-based startup developing social e-commerce software to connect unique and interesting retailers with customers. Appozite also makes TweetReach (, a tool for measuring Twitter campaigns.

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