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What Are Search Engine Friendly URLs?

They are one of the most important elements of web design, and one if the most overlooked.

Each of the major web crawler-based search engines (meaning Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista. Excite and so on) relies on a unique algorithm, methodology or formula to settle on a given website’s relevance to keyword and key phase queries. Those relevance requirements are dynamic and they do evolve ““ dozens of new search positioning challenges pop up on a weekly basis. Achieving and maintaining a high ranking in the likes of Google, AltaVista or MSN is a difficult target to hit. That’s why you need a site that’s been optimized from the bottom up to appeal to search engine criteria.

To put things simply, having search-friendly URL’s will equal more indexed pages and ultimately result in more traffic from search engines. Even some of the most popular websites we visit everyday are only receiving a fraction of their potential search traffic because they weren’t designed and built with the issue of search-friendly URL’s in mind. To help you avoid that kind of unnecessary loss of income we’ll build your site from the ground up using a system that will ensure that it’s URL’s will be easy for search spiders to read and even easier for consumers to remember.

You can’t afford to take a “build it and they will come” approach to your presence online. That’s why we’ll employ solutions from content optimization and viral Blogging to database optimization and search-friendly URL to craft a profile that will draw customers to your website.

You Need a Site With URL’s That Keep Search Engines in Mind!

Remember, it won’t matter whether your target audience is the next continent or in the next office. To take advantage of the marketing side of the Internet revolution, you’ll need a dynamic and engaging website that’s been designed with both users and search engine results in mind. That’s right, having a site that’s as easy for consumers to navigate as it is for Google, Yahoo and MSN’s search spiders to find, cache and rank can make or break your online efforts.

The Aurora IT web development team and I “¦design, develop and install customized professional websites for family doctors, surgeons, other healthcare specialists and small business owners of all shapes and sizes. We also employ integrated online marketing campaigns to bolster brand awareness and drive targeted consumers to our client’s websites. We apply Web enhancement solutions to practices, clinics and business that make the best use of the latest creative design, online marketing tools.

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