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Tampa SEO Training Academy Launches

Starship Computer Services of Tampa, Florida, has launched the Tampa SEO Training Academy. The Tampa SEO Training Academy is attempting to bring “hands on search engine optimization training and internet marketing classes to the Tampa Bay region and throughout Florida.”

According to their official press release, the Tampa SEO Training Academy is going to apply a “Stress-Free” hands on approach; the Academy’s effective workshops teach participants throughout Florida how to implement powerful and safe (white-hat only) internet marketing techniques. These “white-hat” only techniques will greatly enhance any web sites ability to be found at the top of the search engines when potential customers are searching online for the products or services they need.

Here’s more from their press release:

Internet marketing educator Steven Scott will offer both introductory SEO training courses, designed for people with little or no hands on SEO experience, and advanced training courses, that will provide a detailed certification program for existing SEO professionals ensuring they possess the most up-to-date and current skills.

Now available are a 2-Day Basic, 3-Day Advanced and a combined 5-Day SEO Mastery Workshop as well as a half-day class entitled Marketing Your Business on the Web. Tampa’s innovative Search Engine Optimization Training Academy offers ongoing enrollment in their public SEO training courses and provides private in-house training for larger groups or companies.

Workshop agendas, dates and pricing information can be found online at or by calling 877-736-7361. When visiting the site, be sure and sign up to receive their Free SEO tips email.

The Tampa SEO Training Academy has targeted three distinct groups of people that will greatly benefit from the offered courses. These groups include:
* Decision Makers – Business Owners, Technology Managers, and Sales & Marketing professionals will learn what is really needed to promote & market their website on the search engines;

* Web Design Professionals – Web Design Companies, Advertising Agencies, Independent Web Designers, Web Developers and Affiliate Marketers will all learn how to incorporate safe SEO techniques into their designs and expand their service offerings to include a full set of search engine marketing programs for themselves or their clients. and;

* SEO Professionals – Individuals and companies that are currently working in the SEO industry or those trying to enter the field, will advance their existing knowledge base, fill any gaps they may have in their current skills, and obtain certification from the Search Engine Academy in SEO Marketing Skills.

For more information about the Tampa SEO Training Academy’s SEO training courses or to sign up for their Free SEO Tip of the Day visit their website at or call them at (877) 736-7361.

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