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Splitting a Website into Two Websites: Part 3

As you might recall, I made a strategic decision last month to split this website into two separate websites. This website will continue to be my blog, here on, while my other website will have mostly services pages. I’ve owned since July 1999, and now it’s Hartzer Consulting’s home.

You can read part one and part two of my splitting up my website into two separate parts if you’re not already following along.

One Month After the Split

It has been just over one month since I split this website into two websites. So far I have made a lot of observations, and actually learned how certain things are working–and what is not working. Let’s take a quick look at some stats, looking at traffic and rankings. I’ve decided to not reveal specific Google Analytics data at this point, as I don’t think it’s necessarily relevant. For example, since the split, I’ve been writing a blog post just about each and every day, and some days it’s 3 or 4 blog posts. So, the increased traffic isn’t necessarily because I’ve moved content away from the site. I believe the traffic would have been about the same on this site if I had just blogged more.

So What Changed? How are rankings?

I think the biggest takeaway here is the fact that I used 301 Permanent Redirects, via the .htaccess file, and moved certain pages from one domain name to another. What’s the result? The search engine rankings from those pages have NOT gone down. In fact, I believe many of them have stayed the same and moved up a spot or two.

Here’s the number of keywords ranking on via

And here’s the number of keywords ranking on via

As you can see, moving content away from and 301 redirecting that content over to only really increased the rankings or number of keywords ranking on Those keywords were ranking well in, and now they’ve literally been moved over to ranking on So, if you set up your 301 redirects right and move the content, then you’re not going to lose search engine rankings and traffic.

There are, however, some other points I’d like to make, what I’ve found during this move. Some of the issues are issues that I brought on myself, and are worth noting. And since I’m not doing this move as a full-time job (I have clients that are more important) right now, I’m getting issues resolved and dealing with them when I can.

So far, after a month, I’m not seeing any major issues with search engine rankings for both sites, so the splitting of this website into two websites on two separate domain names has, in fact, been a success for me so far. I will continue to update both sites on a regular basis, and this site will get more attention when it comes to blog posts and timely content. But, for what it’s worth, everything is going well.

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