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SEO Software Tool Review: Colibri

If you are going to be successful at getting your web pages to rank well in the search engines, it is extremely important to track how well they rank for popular keywords in your niche.

Being able to rank for a popular keyword can spell the difference between making money with a website, and essentially pouring money down the drain. There are various resources online that you can use to track your search engine keyword rankings, one of the most popular being Google Analytics. But these tools tend to be search engine specific which means you have to open up several applications in order to see your SERP results across numerous platforms. Having one location where you can access all of your data at one time would be much more useful, and effective, and essentially that is what Colibri works to do.

Colibri is a web based keyword position tracking tool that lets you track various keywords across 150+ search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This website uses graphs, and charts to show you what keywords your website is ranking for, and also how well your competition is doing for the same keywords. Getting started is rather easy. On the left hand side of the main page, there is a blue “Get Started” button that you click on to go to another page where you can fill out your contact info. At the present time, you can try this online research tool free for 7 days without having to choose a specific plan. The free trial account allows you to check up to 50 keywords daily which works well for helping you find out more information about your online competitors, and monitor your online market.

After clicking on the blue “Create new account” button, an email is sent to you with your log-in details. Once you click on the link inside that email, a new window opens where you can set up a password for your newly created account. On this page, you can also put in your Paypal email address if you would like to become an affiliate for this product. An additional bonus for this website is that it is available in English, German, or Polish which makes it even more appealing on an international level. Towards the bottom of the page you can choose to receive weekly statistics on your queries, and also sign up for special offers. Finally, you have the section where you can create a password for your account.

Once this step has been completed, you can track your first website. In the top space, you can type in the URL for your website, and give it a title to use as a reference. The next space allows you to choose which search engine that you would like to check. For this example, I will be looking at the website, and checking its ranking on for the following three keywords: free flash games, free flash games online, and free online flash games – note: be sure to use a fast internet connection for this step since it does take some time for the SERP report to be generated. On the next page, a thumbnail of your website will be generated in the upper left hand corner (this may take some time so be patient). At the top of the page is a chart showing how well your website does for each of the keywords you are researching. Below the chart is a listing of your keywords, and some other information such as your website’s present search engine position for that keyword, its position within the last 24 hours, and within the last month. For the example website, its average keyword position is 101 (denoted by the red dot on the chart at the top of the page).

Under each keyword there is a link marked “details” and “research”. Clicking on the “details” link takes you to a similar page, except this time the chart only shows information for that specific keyword. Below the chart is a listing of the competing websites that also rank for that keyword, and other pieces of information about those other websites, such as number of domain backlinks, number of URL backlinks, and when the competing websites were last updated. The information on this page reflects some of the usefulness of this SERP tracking tool. I clicked on the “details” link for the keyword “free online flash games”, and found out that the top 10 websites that rank for that keyword within the search engine each have a large number of domain backlinks ranging from 429 (position 10) all the way up to 214,821 (position 1). When I checked this same keyword using the Google keyword tool, it was shown as a keyword having a low amount of competition – the Colibri tool showed me that this is not necessarily the case. On this same page, clicking on the “Find similar keywords” button has the same effect as clicking on “research” from the keyword listings page. At the present time, this feature is not quite as robust as it could be (my search turned up zero results), but some of the other links on the left side of the page may prove quite useful for those who utilize the website.

The “Competitors” link takes you to a page that shows a listing of the various competing levels of your competition. This helps you better understand your chances for ranking for specific keywords. In this example, the first competitor’s website ranks 100% for the keywords that I am researching. However, the next two sites only have a 67% competition level, while the fourth site is only at 44%, and the fifth competing site is at 38%. This lets me know that while all five of these sites possess a large number of domain backlinks, only the first site is truly SEO optimized for the keywords that I was researching. This means that with some well implemented SEO techniques, and strategic backlinking methods, would still have a chance of ranking in the top 10 search engine results for these researched keywords. You can also add more keywords to research by clicking on the “All keywords” link in the upper right corner of the page.

In conclusion this website provides some very useful information as to how your websites, and how your competitor’s websites are doing in regards to ranking for various keywords. Overall, this web based research tool is great for finding out how your website ranks for keywords that you wish to rank for, and checking on keywords that your site already ranks for (this information can be obtained by putting your website’s URL into the search box of a search engine, and see what comes up). I will admit that some of the informational pages about this product would be much more useful if they would go into greater detail, and were also reformatted with better grammar. But ultimately, the website is a useful tool for online marketers looking for a much more convenient way to do keyword research across numerous search engine platforms.

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