Bill Hartzer

Search Engine Optimization Tip: Text Surrounding Links

Links are very important when it comes to search engine optimization. Anchor text for your internal links aren’t the only ones for you to consider. The text that surrounds your links is just as important. You many have a link that is located in the footer or the side bar on another website too, and the text that is around those links is very important to consider as well.

In the case above, note that “search engine” is near the actual link to

Links will be given more weight by the search engines, especially Google, when they are surrounded by optimized text. This is compared to the same links that are merely flowing but not with any strategical element in place with them. It is well worth it to visit all of your links out there to your sit and to change the text surrounding them if you don’t already have them optimized.

This is one of the simple, effective, but often overlooked parts of search engine optimization that you can use to improve your rankings. You should have links with the content of your site too such as in the paragraphs. Don’t save them all for the footers or the sidebars. You will find plenty of chances to put in internal links within that content. If you are talking about a corporate website or a press release, then those are perfect opportunities.

There are many opportunities with e-commerce too. For example, you can add a short paragraph after each product description. In it, you can talk about other products that are similar and that would compliment that particular product. This is going to be far more effective for you than just a list of other similar products you offer that would compliment a particular item someone is looking at.

When you take the time to surround text with links to your web pages, you will find that you are getting more traffic to all your pages. You will find that your links liven things up and you may just find your conversion rates exploding. This type of effort can pay off for your ranking in the search engines very well.

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