Bill Hartzer

Lundon’s Bridge Needs Search Engine Optimization Help

I was recently browsing an article on the web that’s currently on the Alexa Hot URLs about the fact that Paris Jackson is now a cheerleader for her high school’s boys basketball team. The article mentions how she has more than 1 million followers on Twitter (no, I’m not following her), so I naturally clicked that link to her Twitter account.

Uh, oh! That’s when I saw it. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this:

OMG! I cannot believe that the link in Paris Jackson’s Twitter account is pointing to That is a cardinal sin in the SEO world. One should never EVER be able to get to the /index.html page of any web site, ever. You shouldn’t link to it. Your “home page” navigation link should never point to the index.html page. No one should ever see it. Ever. Why?

The index.html page is the main page of your website–but it’s a complete duplicate copy of the main page of your website, which is located, in this case, at and nowhere else. Every other site on the web links to the and, as a result, if you link to the /index.html page then you’re literally shooting yourself in the foot. You’re not allowing all of the “link juice” or PageRank to pass properly to the real home page of the site, the most important page on your website.

So, literally, when I saw that a site like, Lundon’s Bridge, is doing a horrible job at SEO, I literally fell over in my chair. How could a site like this have such horrible (or no) SEO?

Surely the web designer should know better!

I’d like to make the following offer: If someone from Lundon’s Bridge gets in touch with me, I would be happy to offer them a complimentary SEO audit of their website.

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