Bill Hartzer

Get Your Site on Google’s Front Page Search

Have you received an email (usually an unsolicited email) from someone offering to get your site on Google’s front page? Well, I get these all the time, from companies that claim that they can help a website’s search engine rankings. The problem, though, is that even with all of the Google algorithm updates, including Google Penguin and Google Panda, the SEO scammers (as I’d like to call them) are still sending out these emails, touting their SEO services:

The companies sending out these unsolicited emails (probably thousands of them at a time) to unsuspecting businesses and site owners are saying that they do “ethical” Search Engine Optimization, yet they’re saying that they will do Article Submission/Article Writing and Directory Submission for you.

Article Writing and Article Submissions, as well as Directory Submissions, are now considered to be spam techniques, and should NOT be done. In fact, as part of Google Penguin recovery for websites, I am having to get article submissions and directory listings taken down as an effort to clean up a website’s link profile.

Google is now giving websites manual penalties for doing article submissions and having lots of links in lots of articles pointing to your website. That is a far cry from being ethical or even following the guidelines of Google and the other major search engines. And it will hardly let your website stay in the search engine results.

If you are a website or business owner, don’t fall for these unsolicited emails from companies saying that they’ll do ethical SEO for your site.

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