Bill Hartzer

Facebook Encourages Internal Linking

Internal linking on your own website is powerful. When you link to another relevant page on your website, your giving your readers and website visitors a chance to click on over to another page. Another page on your website that they might be interested in. Because it’s relevant to what they’re reading, what you’re talking about. Internal linking, in context, is powerful. And, so much so, that Facebook is encouraging internal linking to other Facebook pages.

I made a comment on a friend’s Facebook post today, and Facebook stepped in and asked me to link over to the Facebook page that I mentioned in the comment. The post by my friend was about the fact that he was looking recommendations. He wanted to know what type of grass he should plant. I commented about AstroTurf, and that he should “plant it”. Facebook wants me to link over to the AstroTurf web page, thus the “link your comment” as shown above.

Sure, it would have been appropriate for me to link to the AstroTurf Facebook page, but maybe I didn’t want to? My comment was more of a joke, not a recommendation. But, apparently Facebook’s algorithm can’t figure that out. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with AI nowadays?!?

What’s even funnier or more ironic here? There’s IS no official AstroTurf Facebook page. Clicking on the plus sign to add a link to a Facebook page, I couldn’t find an appropriate page to link to:

Well, the idea is interesting… to encourage internal links to other Facebook page. But, even though this one failed, I highly encourage internal linking to other pages on your website, just as I am doing right here.

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