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Do Not Rely on a Bot to Do Your Online Marketing and SEO

Whatever you do, don’t rely on a bot (a robot) to handle your online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 10 years ago, when the search engines weren’t as sophisticated as they are now, you might have gotten away with using automated programs to create links to your website and to add social bookmarks and create auto-generated content and “articles”.

Times have changed. Now, when you do just about anything that’s automated, it’s consider spam, and can get your website banned from the search engine listings.

I am still amazed that companies still feel that they can believe it is acceptable to send Unsolicited Commercial Email (SPAM) to garner more business. And, it’s even more outrageous when someone sends spam to get more SEO business. What’s even worse? A company like the one below who sent me spam trying to get me to hire them to do automated SEO (even more spam).

No wonder so many companies and firms do not like SEOs.

Here’s the horrible spam email I got today. You just gotta love the grammar.

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2013 5:19 AM
Subject: Re: Google Rankings Issues For Your Website

Respected Website Owner,

Just for information google has updated its algorithm 5 times in last month and these changes can result in bad rankings for your website. To prevent your website getting affected by all these new updates coming from google it has to be handled by professional SEO Experts who understand how these algo updates work and how they will effect your website.

This is Mandy I working as a seo professional for last 5 years for our company TOB. We rank number 1 for one of the most competitive keyword ‘online seo company’, if we can rank ours we can rank yours.

We are working with 1000+ website owners and all enjoy top 10 google ranks. We have client retention rate of 95% in last one year and we are one of those few SEO companies that have helped their clients go through all recent google updates with ease.

Email us back if you would like us to rank your website on major search engines like google, bing and yahoo. We offer a no cost 15 days trial to start with so that you can experience the service before you start paying for it. There are no set up fee, no long term contract.

Try our 15 days free SEO trial and see your websites ranking move up.

Looking ahead for your email

Mandy I
Online SEO Expert ( TOB )

B 7 Green Ave,

ASR – 143001

Sure, for some reason, they’re ranked well for “online seo company” in the Google search results. I don’t know how many people really search for that phrase, but I digress. And really. This person’s last name is “I”? I don’t know anyone whose last name is a single letter.

Let’s take a look at their ranking for that keyword phrase:

You don’t even have to click on the search result and go to their website. The name of the company makes me stop right there and cringe: “The Outsource Bot” in their domain name says it all.

I want a human doing my SEO and online marketing. Not a bot.

It’s interesting that they’re offering a free 15 day trial, though. Perhaps I should use some of their free services to get better rankings for my competitors?

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