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Yatinoo Launches New Search Engine

Yatinoo, a trilingual (English, French, Arabic) web-based portal, community, and search engine, has launched their search engine today with new search engine technology. Yatinoo’s greatest asset is its focus on the Arabic, African and Asian regions as well as the Arabic, African and Asian people living outside the United States.

Yatinoo’s focus on the African, Asian, and Arabic regions is significant: approximately twenty percent of the 300 million U.S. population have direct African, Asian or Arabic background representing an additional target market of 60 million users only in the United States. Compared to larger competitors in the search engine market, Yatinoo offers tailor-made and highly targeted services that fit its users’ needs and suit their special “look and feel” requirements.

What is interesting about Yatinoo’s search engine is that this is a search solution that allows you to tailor your interest searches through a diverse range of formats, including web sites, images, audio, video, news, blogs and forums. Additionally, unlike other search engines, you can streamline your selections through Yatinoo’s ability to offer color images displayed in conjunction with the search results.

What I like to do with new search engines is take a direct look at their search results. For example, I did a search for search engine optimization at Yatinoo:

I guess I kind of expected Wikipedia’s SEO page to be the top search result. But, I did not expect a page about search engine optimisation to be at the top of the search results for search engine optimization. I know this is a subtle difference, but why mix different spellings?

Yatinoo is a trilingual (English, French, Arabic) Internet based portal, social networking community, and search engine offering various services, tools and content to an international audience which was developed and made available in the Middle East and North Africa region through the introduction of its media properties including, which was officially launched in October 2007., in addition to its innovative search engine, email, weather and news, offers videos and mp3 streamings, ecards and forums. Yatinoo also offers specialized websites focusing on games, sports, and personalities in the African and Arabic world.

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