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Visual Sciences Site Search 5.0: Now You Control the Search Results

Visual Sciences (formerly WebsideStory), has a new version of their internal website search. This new version expands the capabilities while allowing retailers to offer better internal site search navigation. This new version also includes fast track deployment.

Internal website search is one of the main tools visitors use to navigate a Web site. What’s interesting about Visual Sciences 5.0 is that you can take advantage of this by controlling the order and priority of what shows up in the site’s internal search results.

This latest version, Visual Sciences 5.0, standardizes workflows and presentation templates. By doing this, Visual Sciences is makes configuration more intuitive while attempting to streamline the implementation process. Visual Sciences is now able to offer what they’re calling “fast track deployment”. This ensures that online retailers and e-commerce sites can be fully implemented and take advantage of the features in Visual Sciences Search 5.0 well before the holiday shopping season.

Visual Sciences Search 5.0 includes a set of new features, like geographic searching, targeted presentations and related content or product information in the context of the search results. The “personalized alerts” feature allows the site’s visitors to opt-in to receive e-mail notifications once new content or product information that matches their predefined interests is posted on the site. This capability allows businesses to drive return site visits–and leverage the conversion capabilities of site search.

Visual Sciences Search 5.0 includes the following important enhancements:

— Geographic Searching: Site searches can be based upon criteria such as postal codes, area codes, city/state, and even longitude and latitude. Site visitors can now find answers to common questions such as, “where is the closest store to my house?”

— Targeted Presentations: Changes the displayed results based upon the type of search performed, the set of results returned or the context of the search. Search 5.0 turns Web site content into a more relevant experience for the customer. A gallery of images may be appropriate for a visitor seeking products but not for a visitor seeking support on those products.

— Autocomplete: Anticipates and suggests queries as site visitors type in keywords, avoiding mistakes while presenting queries they may not have otherwise considered.

— Related Products and Content: Helps marketers increase sales by presenting products and content based on relationships defined via search.

— Enhanced Keyword Reporting: Leverages Visual Sciences Report Builder to provide insight into what site visitors seek. Search 5.0 provides a weekly report of top search terms, failed keywords, traffic trends and geographic distribution, enabling customers to quickly assess how visitors use search and apply this knowledge to both site search and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

— Personalized Alerts: Allows site visitors to be notified as soon as new products or services matching their interests become available.

Visual Sciences Search 5.0 also makes it possible for for you to control and utilize search results by integrating Web analytics into the search process, improving the search relevancy of Web sites. Visual Sciences Search 5.0 delivers key compelling capabilities that optimize performance of one of the highest converting areas of a Web site — Web site search results.

Visual Sciences Search 5.0 is available right now as an on-demand service.

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