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Searchme Adds Visual Search Features and Social Bookmarks to Search

Searchme has added new visual search features to their site. These new features, called Stacks and Media Search, will help you find, organize, and share information.

Media Search for videos and images has content from YouTube(TM) and Flickr(TM). Stacks are visual bookmarks that you can share via email, via your blog, your web site, Facebook(R), and All it takes is one click.

Searchme Stacks are supposed to extend visual search into the bookmark space. Searchme Stacks allow you to assemble collections of your favorite web pages in one place and share your Stacks in an elegant, viral way.

To create Searchme Stacks such as “Search Engine Marketing Sites,” or “My Favorite News Sites” all you have to do is click on the “stacks” button at, select “new,” and then drag and drop the searchme search engine results pages into a custom Searchme Stack. You can then click the “share” button if you want and send the Searchme Stack via email–you can even post it to your blog, to your web site, or to your Facebook(R) profile or even your page.

To view a Searchme Stack, you click on the link in the email or the click on the Searchme Stack icon wherever you see it on on another site. It will open as a gallery of search results results pages.

Searchme Media Search leverages the power of visual search to help you find what you are looking for on sites like YouTube(TM) and Flickr(TM). Click on the “video” or “image” buttons on the Searchme site to choose the type of media you are looking for. Then scroll through your results to quickly identify the correct video or picture.

Searchme is a new way to search the Web that uses patent-pending visual search and category suggest features to help every kind of user quickly find, organize and share information. Searchme was founded in 2005 by Randy Adams, CEO, and John Holland, CXO. The company received initial funding from Sequoia Capital.

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