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Quintura Launches Site Search for Publishers

Quintura, a company that provides a site search, analytics, and monetization platform for online content publishers, has officially launched their Quintura Site Search for publishers who are based in the United States.

Quintura has developed a hosted site search platform that provides an intuitive, visual-based search and navigation for your site visitors. So far, Maxim magazine and the Russian Newsweek and Cosmopolitan in Russia have been the first to implement Quintura’s visual-based search on their websites. So far, more than 1,000 publishers have registered to use the Quintura site search solution. The Quintura network has a monthly audience of 10 million site visitors.

If you own a site that has content (i.e., you’re a blogger or have another content site), then you have yet another opportunity to monetize your site. You sign up for the Quintura service and they will give you some code to put on your site. Then, you’ll have an interactive site search for your site that looks like a search field with a Tag Cloud on your site. Ads are integrated into the site search. You can run your own ads (ads that you sell advertisers on your site) or you can rely on Quintura’s ads.

The Quintura site search can be fairly easily installed on your site to monetize banner ad placements along with sponsored ad links. If you’re a publisher, you can increase your advertising revenues by delivering more ad impressions as driven by users’ behavior as they mouse over keywords in the Quintura tag cloud.

Advertisers Benefit Too
This is a unique opportunity for advertisers. Your company’s small image ads (typically your company logo) are displayed in the Quintura search tag cloud as a small expandable icon. An icon expands out into a full advertisement with a picture and text you mouseover the logo. The ad context matches the user search. Clicking an advertisement brings the visitor to your landing page.

Quintura was awarded their first U.S. patent on October 14, 2008, patent number 7,437,370. The patent is for a “Search engine graphical interface using maps and images”. Here is the abstract from the patent:

A system and method for visualization of search results includes a map displayed to a user on a screen. The map shows search query terms and optionally other terms related to the search query terms. The display of the terms corresponds to relationship between the terms. A graphical image is displayed next to at least one of the search query terms. The graphical image is associated with a URL that corresponds to a search result. The graphical image is a favorite icon that is derived from the HTML script associated with a webpage at the URL, or an animated image, or a video, or a cycling GIF. A plurality of graphical images can be displayed in proximity to the search query term.

According to Quintura, they currently have several other patents pending. Quintura’s entrance into the United States search market allows publishers to monetize their sites and gives a whole set of new features to site visitors. Publishers can monetize their sites but they also get enhanced back-end analytics, as well. The Quintura site search analytical tools give publishers real-time access to their site search information, including search term rankings, trends, and analyses for identifying new content requirements based on search interest.

The site search solution is also available to content publishers who do not wish to use its advertising features as a service, offered on a subscription-fee basis.

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