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IAC Launches Ask Mobile GPS

IAC has launched Ask Mobile GPS, a mobile application that combines, Citysearch, and along iwth an instant location finder–and turn by turn navigation. This is the first mobile application to combine local content, social networking, and GPS navigation. You can now check it out by downloading it at

Ask Mobile GPS is the newest offering from the Ask Mobile family. The application uses an “iconic widget interface that makes navigation fast and fun.” Here’s a list of the features:

— Browse Citysearch’s millions of listings to find restaurants, bars, ATMs, spas, boutiques — just about anything you want. Search by specific business name (i.e. Starbucks) or by key word (i.e. coffee). Easily view businesses on a pan-able and zoom-able map. GPS technology automatically finds matches nearby. Citysearch instantly serves up address, phone number, business hours, parking information, editorial reviews and ratings, and user reviews. Once you have what you want, click to call or navigate to the location with a single click.

— View your Evite invitations, including guest lists and locations. Keep up to date with any changes in location and time, view the latest guest list, and automatically navigate to your events.

— Navigate around town with turn-by-turn driving directions and even walking directions powered by GPS navigation. With voice prompts leading the way, you can keep your eyes on the road. There are no wrong turns — Ask Mobile GPS will re-calculate new routes for you on the fly. Choose the fastest route or the shortest; even avoid highways.

— Stay connected with friends. Turn your address book into a social network. Let the GPS technology pinpoint your location so you can broadcast it (with a note, if you want) to anyone in your contact list. Friends receive a text message with a link to a map showing your location. Use one of the auto-suggested businesses nearby to pick the perfect meet-up spot.

— Save time by typing less. Ask Mobile GPS was built with the philosophy of minimizing key strokes in every way possible.
— GPS technology automatically finds nearby locations and businesses without having to enter in your location
— Categories and specific businesses are automatically suggested when searching for local business listings
— Nearby cities are suggested when entering your location
— Nearby airports are suggested when searching airports
— Save Addresses and Directions so they’re right there when you need them again. No need to type them again.

Ask Mobile GPS was built with WaveMarket, Inc., a leader in mobile applications and GPS technology. WaveMarket’s advanced GPS- based technologies provide the backbone to the application.

You can try Ask Mobile for free for two weeks. This free trial version includes voice-enabled GPS navigation, Citysearch reviews, and Evite. There is no “tricked you!” charge for the application at the end of the trial – when your trial period expires, you’ll be offered the opportunity to upgrade to the complete version for $9.99 per month, billed through your mobile carrier.

If you don’t want to buy it, that’s fine. No hard feelings, nothing to return. A $2.99 per month version with GPS (but without Navigation) may be available for certain phones. Normal carrier data use charges may also apply.

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