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How to Remove in Google Analytics

There’s a website (domain name) that shows up as a referral in your Google Analytics. bills itself as “Semalt is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring, yours and your competitors’ positions tracking and comprehensible analytics business information.” Okay, fine. But to be honest with you, most likely you do NOT want any traffic from In fact, it’s not real visitors, it’s just a “bot” that is making it look like there are visitors from their domain name to your website. Real visitors are generally not coming from a website called to your website. So, to accurately see your referral and website visitor traffic in Google Analytics, I recommend removing this or “excluding” in your Google Analytics tracking. Here’s how to set up a filter in Google Analytics to filter out this domain name (or any other domain name) in your Google Analytics.

First, you need to log into Google Analytics. Then, click on the “Admin” tab at the top, as shown below.

Make sure that you change the account to the proper website. As you see in the next screen capture, I changed it to

Once you’re on the Admin tab, click on the Tracking Info option under the Property Settings.

Click on the “Referral Exclusion” in order to add the site, as shown below:

Click the + Add Referral Exclusion button.

Enter the Domain Name of the website that you want to exclude. In this case, enter “” and click “Create”.

You will then see that you’ve added to the list, as shown below.

You will now want to copy the domain name and go through this process for all your websites that you have in your Google Analytics account. You’ll need to change the website (in the above right section), select the website, and then click on the “tracking info” option and go through this process again. It shouldn’t take too long if you have copied the domain name and can “paste it” into the referral exclusion field.

You’ll also want to add as well as and to your exclusion list, as well, as it looks like they’ve been implementing this on those subdomains. For the exclusion list, you’ll need to add each and every subdomain separately that you want to exclude.

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