Bill Hartzer

Google Wants Us to Share Links to Their Search Results Pages

Google has added a share button to knowledge graph entries to encourage us to search more at Google. Whenever you search using a desktop (not mobile) device, and you see a knowledge graph entry on the right side of the search results, Google is displaying a share button, like this:

When you click on this share button, you see this:

You can share this link, which is to the very same Google search results page that you are viewing, on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, you can email it to someone, or you can simply copy the link (which is shortened). What I don’t get is that the order that they’ve put these links in, which is Facebook first.

Here’s an example of the link that they want me to share for my search results:

This shortened link makes a 301 Permanent Redirect to the search results for my name.

Is this Google’s effort to take away some of Facebook’s traffic and have Facebook users search at Google?

What this is good for, though, is encouraging people to search Google for entities and brands more. For example, the link on my Knowledge Graph entry is to a search result of my name. So, if I share the link then there will be more brand searches for my personal brand. As far as I can tell, there is no share button for pages that don’t contain Knowledge Graph entries.

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