Bill Hartzer

Google Updates to Knowledge Graph Entries

Last week, I wrote about Google allowing those who have knowledge graph entries about themselves or official representatives of a knowledge graph entry to request an update. As you may recall, if you’re logged into Google you’ll typically see something like this:

I went ahead and requested an update. In my listing, it showed the dates next to my “Education”, the dates I attended two different universities. While I could have left that data there, I don’t really think it’s appropriate to show when I graduated college (which would partially show my age).

After I posted about this, there were some who mentioned to me that they, too had requested edits as a result of seeing my post. But they weren’t seeing any updates after a few days. Well, I suspected that the results weren’t updated yet because they probably had to roll out all of the updates, or update the database that actually is used to populate that data.

Now, about 10 days later, the new updates are live. You no longer see the years that I graduated next to my “Education” entry on my Google knowledge graph entry. Go ahead and take a look:

Well, here’s a screen capture that shows it, as well:

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