Bill Hartzer

Google Updates Search Results, Removes Bing from Search Results

On Saturday, I wrote a post about Google that showed that a search results page was showing up in the search results for a search query on Google. Not exactly the quality search results you would expect from Google.

The search results at Google looked like this:

I reviewed the robots.txt file and it appears that Bing is, on purpose, disallowing all search engines from indexing their search results: but it appeared for 2 days that Google was indexing one of their search results pages anyway.

A search today, 48 hours later, shows no Bing search results pages appearing in the Google search results. So, this actually begs a few questions, though:

Was this an “accident” that the Bing search results page was ranking in the Google search results?

Even though Bing tells all search engine spiders not to index their search results, did Google index the search results anyway? Well, it appears that was the case.

How is it that only 48 hours later the search results changed for this particular keyword query, “Fort Lauderdale Carpet Cleaning”? It seems rather odd that all of a sudden, with 48 hours,’s search results page suddenly disappears? On a local search query that isn’t an ‘ultra competitive’ keyword phrase? I wouldn’t think that the search results for that keyword phrase would change that often.

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