Bill Hartzer

Google To Give Unsecure Websites a Scarlet Letter

Google will soon publicly use the Google Chrome browser to give unsecure websites a Scarlet Letter. When visitors use Chrome to visit an unsecure website, it will be very clear that the site is unsecure. The site will be marked with a red X mark whereas a secure website will show a lock symbol.

Chris Palmer posted this Tweet on Twitter showing the new “Scarlet Letter” that will be given to unsecure websites soon.

If this isn’t another reason why you need to move your own website to HTTPs soon and encourage your clients’ sites to move to HTTPs, I don’t know what is. As you know, ever since Google announced that HTTPs is a search engine ranking factor, I moved this site to HTTPs and have never regretted it. Now I’m very happy I did move.

Check out my checklist for moving to HTTPs. Oh, and by the way, if you still have a question about why Google is continuing to get sites to move, it’s not just because of web security. This is the reason why they keep pushing HTTPs.

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