Bill Hartzer

Google Launches Allo App – Tough to Find in The App Store

Google just launched a new smart messaging app called Allo. This app is certainly interesting–but do we really need yet another messaging app? After all, Apple just introduced a whole lot of new features of their built-in iOS messaging (imessage) when they launched iOS 10 just last week.

When I went over to the App Store on my iPhone, I initially searched for “Allo”, and I couldn’t find the Google Allo app. In fact, when I searched, I found two interesting results:

– An app called “Alo” which is social video chat. I wonder how many people are going to download that app, thinking it’s the Allo app by Google? Maybe that app will enjoy a bunch of new downloads.

– An app called “Ello”. This was a popular app for about two or three weeks. I even set up an Ello account and did my normal “testing” to see what I could get out of it (for those of you who know me, you know what I mean).

So, there’s no Google Allo app in the search results.

I think searched the App Store for “Google Allo” and found this:

This app is showing 2nd in the search results in the App Store. Since it certainly is by Google, then that’s the app I was looking for. More to come, I’m not sure how the adoption will go, but being an early adopter myself I went ahead and downloaded it–will see if others are willing to use it.

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