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Google Allows Official Representatives to Suggest Changes to Knowledge Graph Data

The Google search results of a search query for my name shows information from the Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Base of data. I know that this data was originally pulled from Freebase, as I entered it several years ago when I was very active in editing and adding data to Freebase. I regularly monitor the search results for my name. Today, Google started asking me if the data if the info was up-to-date and if I had any suggestions. This is new, at least for me. Take a look at what this looks like:

Once I clicked the “Suggest Edit” option, I was taken to this:

For now, I’m happy with the photo that is there, so I will leave that alone. However, I do want to change the dates that show up in my Education area, so I made a suggestion:

After you submit your suggestion:

More information about their change policies are available here:

Request a change to a Knowledge Graph card in search results

If you officially represent a topic that has a Knowledge Graph card in Google search results, you can request changes to that card. To be recognized by Google as an “official representative,” you need to be signed in as an owner of the topic’s official website, YouTube channel, or Google+ page.

Previously, if you wanted this information updated, you could go into Freebase and edit it there, and it would take a few weeks (sometimes longer) for it to be reflected in the Knowledge Graph. However, Freebase is not editable anymore, so it’s not as easy to make changes. For Knowledge Graph entries that pull data from Wikipedia or other sources, then you’d have to edit those sources or get that data changed on those sites. Keep in mind that the Knowledge Graph pulls data from a lot of sources, so it can truly be very difficult to figure out exactly where that data is being pulled from.

I’m not sure if this is new (suggesting a topic), but it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

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