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Global Sources Launches Search Engine, Includes Verified Suppliers in Search Results

Global Sources has launched Global Sources Online 2.0, a next-generation B2B sourcing service and search engine that brings buyers comprehensive search results and third-party verification of suppliers.

Global Sources allows unverified Export Suppliers to be listed for free. This launch includes a new platform for Global Sources and includes new features:

— Unverified suppliers meeting basic criteria will be listed on the site free of charge, opening the door for thousands of new suppliers to experience the value of Global Sources’ buyer community. Global Sources expects to double the current level of content on Global Sources Online 2.0 within the next six months.
— The structure and volume of content on the new site gives Global Sources opportunities for new services and flexible pricing strategies that do not exist in the market today.

Global Sources has a new verified supplier program whose search services directly address one of the biggest issues that the industry needs: verified suppliers.

Global Sources plans to expand its verification services offered by several professional partners who provide a range of assessment and credit check services.

Suppliers in mainland China and export-oriented trade show exhibitors in Asia interested in the Verified Supplier program or a free listing (for unverified suppliers) should contact Global Sources at this toll-free number in China: 800-999-8260.

Global Sources has an online demo that shows the different levels of search results.

Global Sources Online is part of Global Sources’ print, online and face-to-face export solution that includes Global Sources trade magazines, China Sourcing Fairs, Private Sourcing Events, and Global Sources Direct.

Global Sources is a business-to-business (B2B) media company and a primary facilitator of two-way trade with Greater China. The core business is facilitating trade from Greater China to the world, using a wide range of English-language media. The other key business segment facilitates trade from the world to Greater China using Chinese-language media.

Update: Links have been removed from this post. November 15, 2014.

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