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Gigablast Launches Site Search for Websites

Here at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York City (Search Engine Strategies New York 2008), Gigablast has officially launched their fresh and comprehensive site search for websites. If you have a website you can now provide a free site search as well as web search for your site’s visitors.

To add this site search feature to your site, you will need to first go here to the Gigablast Help area. You will need to add a form to your site (Gigablast provides the code pictured below):

You will actually need to modify the code to include your domain name as well as your site’s logo in 200×50 size. To be honest with you, as a webmaster and site owner, I’m not sure if I have a 200×50 size logo to add and it will take extra time to have one made or to make one. so, I’m kind of confused as to why Gigablast would require this. But, in any case, I’ve added the code (minus the site logo) below so you can see how the site search service works to search my site:

What’s interesting is that you could actually use this site search to build your own mini-search engine. For example, if you have a network of blog sites you could add all the sites to this site search code and allow visitors to search your network of sites.

Here is a sample screen shot of the Gigablast search results:

What’s cool about this new service is from Gigablast is that if you add site search to your site the site will receive Gigablast’s Gigaboost system, which means that your site will receive priority during the Gigablast indexing process. This Gigablast priority allows you to offer fresh site search results that are frequently updated. This is especially important for sites that update their content frequently, such as news sites, blogs, and other information-packed sites.

“The most frequent complaint regarding alternative site search services is the freshness of the site search results,” said Marcus Ruark, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Gigablast. “Gigablast Site Search with Gigaboost provides a tremendous search advantage to websites with dynamic, usergenerated content, frequent page updates, or regular sales promotions.”

Since web pages with Gigablast Site Search receive priority in the Gigablast indexing process, all web searches on, or on any of Gigablast’s affiliate or partner websites will have fresh access to those Gigablast Site Search web pages.

Gigablast Site Search with Gigaboost is free and available right now at

Founded in 2000, Gigablast is a leading provider of natural, algorithmic search services, including consumer web search, XML web search feeds, hosted search, and customized search software. Gigablast’s innovative, industry-leading algorithms enable massive-scale spidering, query-processing, and spam reduction with minimal hardware and expense.

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