Bill Hartzer

Enth Adds NFL Search Engine to Lineup, a search engine that’s billing itself as a “next generation search engine” has launched its NFL search capabilities–just in time for the upcoming NFL football season.

Using Enth, you can already search Fantasy Baseball, NCAA, Wagering, and the MLB. And starting now, you can search the NFL, as well.

Searching for sports statistics is fairly easy to do using Enth. For example, you can search using plain English questions and get the exact results you’re looking for. This actually might give you an edge when planning your upcoming fantasy football team.

Through a partnership with STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports information provider, aggregates, filters, and sorts sports statistics based on the question you submit. For example, if search for “What is Peyton Manning’s passer rating on the road since 2005?”, comes back with “101.0.”

In an effort to reach to more users, Enth has added a downloadable search bar that can be added to any fantasy or sports site. This is a stand-alone search box that can be added as an RSS feed or a plain text-based search box.

Evaluating players’ performances and predicting how they will perform in a certain week is a difficult task. Using Enth to look at certain players’ statistics from week to week last season and typing, “Who had the best passer rating before week 9 in 2006 with a minimum 50 attempts” into Enth, you we find that Marc Bulger’s rating of 101.3 during the first half of the season was second only to Peyton Manning’s. Whether you use to get an early jump on “sleepers” or put together a fantasy football team based on historical performance throughout the season, gives you access to all the info you might need to make the best decisions come draft day.

Enth, Inc. brings search engine capabilities to the growing universe of structured sports data. Partnering with Stats Inc., Enth provides users with access to National Football League and Major League Baseball data archives and enables them to aggregate, filter and sort information within a structured database and return highly relevant results. Its user-friendly approach streamlines searches and gives users an edge when selecting fantasy rosters and breaking down match-ups with specific information about players, teams and past results.

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