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Will Bing Webmaster Tools Change Their Name?

Of course this is just speculation on my part, but it does not look like Bing Webmaster Tools has any plans to change the name of their product anytime soon. I was having a conversation on Twitter today where a friend from Microsoft mentioned that a name change wasn’t on the radar.

But, of course we know how that goes. Plans can certainly change at any time.

As you might recall, Google recently changed the name of Google Webmaster Tools to the Google Search Console, a move that has surprised many veteran Google Webmaster Tools users, such as myself.

Although Google Webmaster Tools is going through what looks like a re-branding to another product name, Bing won’t be changing their name. Frankly, this is good news, as I think the name, Webmaster Tools, really should reflect what, and who, those tools are for:

These are Webmaster Tools. I don’t think that anyone without the knowledge or access as a webmaster of a website should have access to these tools. So, they’re Webmaster Tools, and they should remain that way.

Naming the Google Webmaster Tools something like “search console” is inappropriate, since that gives another connotation: that someone other than webmasters belong using them. What do you think?

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