Site icon Bill Hartzer Expands Network Capability with New Eco-Friendly Data Center, the search engine formerly known as Ask Jeeves, is adding a new data center in Moses Lake, located in Eastern Washington. This new data center is eco-friendly and will support’s growing search queries and provide additional processing power for the search engine, as well as Ask3D.

Ask3d combines rich media (images, video, music, and links) onto a single search engine results web page–in an attempt to help us find what they’re looking for faster.

The new Moses Lake facility will provide “an enhanced search experience for users, while furthering its commitment to environmental responsibility…” according to

The Moses Lake data center will be located within the TITAN complex, which is a a highly efficient, highly secure data storage and telecom hub. The TITAN facility has zero carbon emissions, and uses “renewable hydropower”.

According to a news report, the TITAN complex is owned by former Microsoft executives John Agnew and Bob Caldwell. The Moses Lake facility is a former Air Force site designed during the Cold War to withstand a 10 megaton nuclear explosion. It’s now a disaster recovery site for companies seeking secure data storage.

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