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SEO Tool Review: LXR Marketplace

Update: December 14, 2013: I have received complaints about this SEO tool, as it either is no longer being updated, or the service is unreliable. I personally spoke with the owners of this tool and these issues have been resolved now.

LXR Marketplace is a website that gives you several website research tools to choose from in order to do SEO, and PPC research on a particular website address. There are also various keyword research tools as well. The various website research tools are easy to use and intuitively put together, and the information obtained can relate to either your website, or that of your competitors. Lets take a look at the various sections of the LXR Marketplace website more in-depth.

• The Daily SEO Rank Checker is the default page for the LXR Marketplace website. This particular SEO tool lets you track website rankings for up to five keywords. The results are shown in a sideways bar chart that shows comparisons across keywords. You can even have a report of the results e-mailed to you on a weekly basis so that you can keep up with changes that may occur every seven days. Not only would this be useful for checking keywords for your website, but for your competitor’s websites as well.

• URL Auditor gives you the ability to check one or several links from your website to make sure they are working. You just copy and paste the links into the box on the webpage.

• The PPC Keyword Combination Tool helps you to generate long tail keyword phrases by inputing one to three keywords into the boxes on the webpage. This keyword tool then returns every combination that will fit either a broad, phrase or exact match within Google. This can be very useful if you need to make a list of every long tail keyword phrase possible, and you wish to avoid hand typing every possible combination. Along with the match types you can also check for maximum cost per click (CPC) bid, and the landing page web address while remaining on the same webpage.

• With the ROI Calculator you can determine the profitability of a marketing campaign. With the basic version of the ROI Calculator you can calculate return on investment (ROI) based on cost, and revenue. With the advanced version of the calculator you can factor in other metrics such as number of orders, average order value (AOV), CPC, and / or the number of clicks your landing page received. Both the basic, and advanced versions are available for free on the website at the time of this writing.

• The PPC Keyword Analyzer allows you to figure out which keywords are bringing you the most success from your marketing campaigns by uploading your Google Adwords, or Adcenter report to the LXR Marketplace website. The information from the report can contain columns for various metrics such as match type, keyword, clicks, ad group, and cost just to name a few. The final report from the PPC Keyword Analyzer will reflect the top performing, and least performing keywords based on your final analysis choice of metric – conversions vs. revenue.

• The SEO Sitemap Builder can spider your website to automatically create a urllist.txt, HTML, or XML sitemaps of your website. You just put in your website address into the box provided, answer a few simple questions and you are on your way! Regardless of the number of pages on your website, a sitemap can still be generated, and once created the sitemap can be downloaded as a .TXT, .XML, or .HTML file. The outline of your website from which the sitemap is created also will detail errors that were encountered when the sitemap was created.

• The SEO Competitor Analysis Tool gives you a side by side comparison of your website, and a competitor’s website for a given keyword search phrase. Simply input in your website address, your competitor’s website, and a keyword search phrase in the boxes provided on the webpage. You will get a listing that shows several SEO metrics such as page size, word count, image count, link count, text to HTML ratio, and various other metrics. One of the most powerful metrics given is the comparison of heading tags which shows you which keyword phrases have the most effect on how your website is found organically in the search engines.

• The SEO Webpage Analysis Tool gives you a breakdown of the on-page SEO factors that directly affect how your website appears in the organic search listings. After you put your website address into the box provided you are given a report that covers several SEO metrics such as meta description, heading tags, alt image descriptions, page most relevant keywords, and several other metrics. For each metric category you are also shown recommendations as to how to improve your on-page SEO.

• With the Competitor Webpage Monitor you can be kept up to date when your competition updates their website. Just put in your competition’s webpage address into the information box along with your email address, and you will be updated either daily, or weekly when changes to your competitor’s webpage occurs.

The LXR Marketplace website is very easy to use, and all of the sections of the website are listed on the left hand side of the webpage making it easy to change between services. At the present time all of the services are free, and users of this website can cast their vote as to the usefulness of a particular webpage SEO tool.

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