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Logic361 Launches Automated Bid and Ad Recommendations Software for Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing

There is a new automated programmatic Search Engine Marketing analysis software out there that attempts to identify Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Advertising revenue and cost savings opportunities. At a time where everyone seems to be cutting costs wherever possible because of the economy, this is a much-needed tool for search engine pay per click advertisers.

Logic361, a leading pay-per-click search advertising analysis software company, has launched SEM Opportunity Dashboard, a major new feature of its free, hosted search engine advertising analysis software application for Google Adwords and Yahoo Search advertisers.

Logic361’s SEM Opportunity Dashboard is capable of instructing a search engine advertiser to; “increase bids on these keywords and pause those keywords… re-write these ads and pause these other ads… by following these recommendations you can expect to increase conversions by “X” dollars and decrease costs by “Y” dollars.”

The SEM Opportunity Dashboard has the unique ability to expose tens of thousands of dollars of hidden opportunities to increase revenue and decrease costs for pay per click (PPC) search engine advertisers.

Automated Financial Reporting
Know the dollar amount or percentage of the advertising spend that actually generates results. Ad spend that generates value typically ranges from 65% to 90% of total ad spend. Logic361 recommends calculating the value of conversion metrics (cost-per-conversion, spend-to-value or ROI) separately and compare them to the cost of advertising that produces no value (investment keywords.) This type of analysis provides the ability to fine tune KPIs and measure goals. Many advertisers take this analysis one step further and analyze trade name keywords separately.

Logic361’s newest functionality combines years of collective best practices expertise from companies that include GM, Home Depot, ING Direct, Real Networks, Neiman Marcus and with advanced PhD level programmatic data analysis techniques.

The SEM Opportunity Dashboard is available right now and is included in SEM Profit Analyzer, a free hosted software account. To sign up for a free account and test it out, you can go here.

Logic361 was recently recognized by Forrester Research and was included in The Forrester Wave TM report. The Company’s customers range from start-ups to Fortune Top 10 companies and include both B2C and B2B direct marketers. Logic361’s software monitors and analyzes over 3,500 search engine advertising accounts per day and over $100 million in annual search engine advertising. Logic361’s hosted, on-demand search advertising analysis and management software eliminates the need for search advertisers of all sizes to make investments in technology or IT personnel.

Google Adwords is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. Yahoo Search is registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc. Logic361 is not affiliated with Google or Yahoo.

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