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IBM to Offer Premium Search Marketing Services

A lot of companies that you typically wouldn’t expect to offer SEO (search engine optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing, PPC) services have lately have begun to offer such services to their current customers. A while back Deluxe Corporation bought Orange Soda, and Behr Paint then started offering SEO and SEM services to their Pro contractors. Now, the latest company to jump on the SEO/SEM bandwagon is IBM.

IBM is teaming up with Kenshoo to offer search marketing campaign management solutions to clients. Kenshoo is a certified IBM business partner, and offers “premium technology solutions for automating, measuring, and improving search engine marketing campaigns at scale”.

“Going to market with IBM, a like-minded business partner, creates a new opportunity for sophisticated search marketers. Both companies are client-first organizations dedicated to giving marketers the necessary tools to be successful in an increasingly competitive environment,” said Sivan Metzger, SVP, Business Development for Kenshoo.

The first company to benefit from IBM’s offering of their premium search marketing services is Bizgnition.

“IBM has been a long time partner of ours and we’ve come to value their business guidance along with their solutions,” said Ken Tola, Owner at Bizgnition. “Through an introduction from IBM, we began using Kenshoo to manage our clients’ paid search campaigns. We’ve been impressed with Kenshoo’s attribution and bidding algorithms and are even happier with the results we’ve been able to drive for our clients.”

For some reason I don’t expect you to be able to go to IBM’s website and navigate to their search marketing product services pages anytime soon, but you never know.

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