Bill Hartzer

SE Analyst New Search Engine Intelligence Tool

SE ANALYST is a new data mining and benchmarking tool that can be used by search marketers to measure primary search engine optimization attributes of the top-ranked web pages. It can also analyze user-defined, or custom, URLs. The SE ANALYST tool gathers more than 30 metrics in the three primary attributes and then blends the metrics to calculate page value relative to a keyword.

According to the SE Analyst press release, “search engines provide a results page for a keyword query based on a scoring system. The higher the score of a website page, the higher the ranking they achieve. The key to search engine success is to measure the same kind of website page attributes, and score them in a manner that best fits the ordered list that the search engines provide. This is one of the primary goals behind the creation of SE ANALYST.”

SE Analyst goes on to say that “measuring the same kind of website attributes that the search engines measure is not a trivial task. Even a modest SE ANALYST report can scan tens of thousands of Internet pages and take several hours to complete. SE ANALYST is unique in that it performs in hours what would take weeks to run on a desktop computer.”

SE ANALYST is owned and operated by an internet research company specializing in organic marketing. The company’s data mining service has been assisting organic optimization professionals and managers in developing and maintaining winning keyword strategies for more than four years. Check out and let me know what you think.

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