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27 Speakers to See at SMX West 2018

Before ever major search conference and before a lot of the conferences I attend, I hand-pick a list of speakers to see at that conference. I call it Bill’s List. This list is completely in random order, not in order of importance. But sometimes I’ll put it in alphabetical order, like I did this time. This year’s SMX San Jose conference is, yet again, a great one with a bunch of speakers.

Bill’s List of Search Marketing Speakers

As you might recall, I’ve hand-picked speakers before other conferences, including a list of speakers to see at Pubcon Austin 2018, a list of 76 speakers, 57 speakers, and 19 speakers.

And last year, SMX San Jose 2017, Bill’s List had 33 speakers to see at SMX West.

This year, though, going through the list, only 27 speakers made the cut–27 speakers that recommend that you to see and connect with. I’ve personally seen all of them speak before, and they always have a lot of great information to share. And, even though I’ve been doing SEO since the 1990s, I still learn something from each and every one of them whenever I see them speak.

Picking a Session at SMX West 2018

There are several sessions that are going on at the same time, and it does make it difficult to choose which speaker you’re going to see. Which session you go to should depend on the job that you do–whether or not it’s PPC, SEO, content, mobile, or social media. I don’t generally like to point our certain sessions because usually they’re all good.

So, without further adieu, here’s my hand-picked list of 27 speakers that you should see at SMX West 2018. They’re in alphabetical order this time. And, if you are speaking and didn’t make my list, then I probably haven’t seen you speak yet. Or, I just don’t know you well enough to recommend you. Connect with me and let’s chat!

Dawn Anderson
Ruth Burr Reedy
Maddie Cary
Christine Churchill
Dana DiTomaso
Eric Enge
Glenn Gabe
Brad Geddes
Keith Goode
Marie Haynes
Nathan Johns
Cindy Krum
Dan Leibson
Laura Lippay
Debra Mastaler
David Mihm
Merry Morud
Adam Proehl
Eli Schwartz
Paul Shapiro
Patrick Stox
James Svoboda
Kaspar Szymanski
Shari Thurow
Marcus Tober
Matt Van Wagner
Kirk Williams

I couldn’t make it this year to SMX West 2018, as it’s the same week as my kids’ Spring Break. A family vacation took precedence over SMX West. But, I’ll be following the tweets this year, so be sure to connect.

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