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33 Speakers to Meet and See at Pubcon Austin 2020

By Bill Hartzer, February 5, 2020 at 11:39am CST

Before many industry conferences and before a lot of the conferences I attend, I hand-pick a list of speakers to meet and see. This list is completely in random order, not in order of importance. This year at Pubcon Austin 2020, I’ve hand picked 33 speakers of the total number of speakers that are speaking at this year’s Austin event.

Bill’s List of Speakers

As you might recall, I’ve hand-picked speakers before other conferences, including a list of 76 speakers, 57 speakers, and 19 speakers. Then more recently there was my list for Pubcon Florida 2019, and Pubcon Las Vegas 2019. Look for my list to come out before Pubcon Miami and Pubcon Las Vegas in 2020.

This year, though, going through the list it was a tough choice to pick the best speakers. There are so many great industry experts. I’ve narrowed it down to 33 search industry speakers that I really personally want to see. I’ve seen them speak before, and they always have a lot of great information to share. And, even though I’ve been doing SEO since the 1990s, I still learn something from each and every one of them whenever I see them speak.

Pubcon Austin is a great regional conference, and since it’s a smaller conference, you’ll be able to talk with and meet so many more people, especially speakers.

Picking a Session at Pubcon Austin 2020

There are several sessions that are going on at the same time, and it does make it difficult to choose which speaker you’re going to see. Which session you go to should depend on the job that you do–whether or not it’s PPC, SEO, content, mobile, or social media. I don’t generally like to point our certain sessions because usually they’re all good. Hey, it’s Pubcon, right?!?

Be sure to see my Advanced Auditing session at Pubcon Austin.

Bill’s List: Pubcon Austin 2020

So, without further adieu, here’s my hand-picked list of 33 speakers that you should see at Pubcon Austin 2020. They’re not in any particular order. And, if you are speaking and didn’t make my list, then I probably haven’t seen you speak yet. Feel free to find me at Pubcon Austin and convince me to put you on my list.

Amy Bishop
Joe Laratro
Blake Denman
Adam Riemer
Michael Bonfils
Jesse Mcdonald
Keith Goode
Stoney Degeyter
Rob Woods
David Vogelpohl
Ryan Jones
Navah Hopkins
Michael King
Gary Illyes
Kevin Doory
Tony Wright
Nagu Rangan
Jake Bohall
Elmer Boutin
Chris Boggs
Katy Katz
Jennifer Vaniderstyne
Shelly Fagin
Kelcey Drapp
Purna Virji
Kevin Adams
Khalid Saleh
Roger Dooley
Brian Massey
Rebecca Murtagh,
Greg Gifford
Grant Simmons
Zeph Snapp

Not on my list? Want to be on Bill’s List? Find me at Pubcon Austin and let’s chat!

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